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AutoMeter - 2-1/16" WIDEBAND PRO PLUS AIR/FUEL RATIO, 6:1-20:1 AFR, SPORT-COMP (3397)

AutoMeter - 2-1/16" WIDEBAND PRO PLUS AIR/FUEL RATIO, 6:1-20:1 AFR, SPORT-COMP (3397)

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Easily add a shift light with a lightning quick digital tach display to your vehicle with AutoMeter’s DPSS. This gauge reads and interprets your vehicle’s engine speed (rpm) using AutoMeter’s legendary tach technology for unparalleled accuracy. Don’t let it’s size fool you, this is a serious piece of hardware built with the professional in mind. The tach display can be defeated to avoid distraction. With LED shift light brightness settings ranging from nighttime visible to retina searing in a open top car on a sunny day, the DPSS makes sure you hit your shifts at precisely the correct moment, protecting your engine from damage and allowing you to extract the most performance from your vehicle. Level 1 functions as a traditional single point shift light, Level 2 adds multiple shift shift points (with optional progressive shift indication) and launch light for drag race applications as well 7 user configurable color options. Level 3 includes all the functions of Level 2, but also adds 80 seconds of playback recording, which can be displayed both on the digital tach display or through your existing AutoMeter tach.


Feature Points

  • Features 4 programmable shift points, adjustable by 10 RPM increments - including Launch Lite, progressive shift, and digital RPM display
  • Compatible with 0.5 - 6 pulse ignition signals (1-12 cylinder engines) with points, electronic, and most 12V high-performance racing ignitions.
  • Seven user selectable colors (white, red, yellow, green, teal, blue, and magenta) to match visual preferences of driver as well as brightness adjustments for changes in visibility conditions
  • Features AutoMeter's E-Z View Digital LED Display System which maximizes readability and minimizes distracting high speed digit changes
  • Record up to 80 seconds of engine RPM data and playback at slow motion speeds to analyze vehicle and driver performance following a run. Identify key performance data such as burnout, launch RPM, tire spin, gear changes and engine speed through the traps to fine tune your setup and trip the win lights.
  • 12 and 16 volt compatible, compatible with nearly every street car or race car electrical system


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