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ACT - Street (Heavy Duty) Clutch Kit for 240sx 89-98 (NX1-HDSS)

ACT - Street (Heavy Duty) Clutch Kit for 240sx 89-98 (NX1-HDSS)


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  • his heavy duty clutch kit is engineered specifically for your 240sx 89-98.
  • Holding capacity of 267 torque with a clamp load increase of 50% over stock.
  • The ACT Street clutch retains a stock or moderate pedal feel for a more comfortable road experience.
  • Clutch kit includes:
    • Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
    • Performance (Organic) Street Disk
    • Release Bearing, Pilot Bushing
    • Clutch Alignment Tool

Heavy Duty Clutch Kit

If you’re running serious power in your engine, you need a heavy duty clutch kit to help you shift through your transmission’s range. It has plenty of brawn for the track while giving you a shift-feel that is almost stock-gentle. Race-engineered and manufactured to exacting quality standards, an ACT Street heavy duty clutch is the perfect choice.

Racing Power

An ACT Street heavy duty clutch kit is a serious performance upgrade over your stock clutch package. As with any professional-grade component upgrade, make sure you understand how to use and install these components or speak with a trained mechanic.

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