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Xcessive Manufacturing

Xcessive Manufacturing - MX83 Differential Bushings (T-MX83-DB)

Xcessive Manufacturing - MX83 Differential Bushings (T-MX83-DB)

SKU: Xcessive Manufacturing-T-MX83-DB

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Got some miles on that Cress and tired of wheel hop? Putting more power to it? Diff bushings just suck? We can fix that. This new set of diff bushings takes it one step farther than just a simple replacement bushing, we do a stud mount conversion in the rear as well. If you've ever stripped out your diff housing working with the rear bolts or just hate trying to line up those stupid allen bolts stuck deep into the stock bushings. You'll love this stud conversion.

The kit comes with two new solid rear bushings with steel sleeves, studs, nuts and washers along with new front bushings. Made from a heavy industry poly material used by the military and the aircraft industry, these bushings are hard, tough, durable and will never corrode even in salty environments.

Features: Sold in Complete sets. Eliminates diff movement. Stud conversion for easy servicing of differential without the fear of ruining the rear cover. All new hardware for the Stud conversion.

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