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22RPD - AC Adapter (AC22RPD)

22RPD - AC Adapter (AC22RPD)


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The front AC line coming off of the condenser, going to the dryer, moves forward through the auxiliary fan. When installing an intercooler this hard line reduces the overall space to fit an intercooler by 2+ inches. This fitting allows you to replace the oem hard line with your choice of soft line. By moving this line straight down you gain considerable space for an intercooler while retaining AC. 

Upwards of a 6" wide by 12" tall intercooler can be fit when using this fitting.

Pairing this fitting with our intercooler mounts and a tr1245 intercooler gives you bolt-on 1000hp capacity with full AC!

This fitting converts the condenser to a standard 1/4" NPT thread.

This fitting does not include the pictured O-ring. 

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