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AutoMeter - 3-1/8" SPEEDOMETER, 0-190 KM/H, ELECTRIC, OLD-TYME WHITE (1688-M)

AutoMeter - 3-1/8" SPEEDOMETER, 0-190 KM/H, ELECTRIC, OLD-TYME WHITE (1688-M)

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Tickets are no fun. Calibrating a speedometer isn’t a great deal of fun either. AutoMeter’s Electronic Programmable Speedometer makes short work of both, providing an easy to install and easy to calibrate solution that will help keep your speed exactly where it needs to be. Compatible with most factory speed senders, you’ll wonder why you ever struggled with a speedometer before. Calibration is as simple as a two mile drive, or for even easier operation, AutoMeter’s GPS Speedometer Sender is a simple plug and play solution for any application.

Feature Points

  • Traditional incandescent lighting illuminates around the perimeter of the dial
  • Features lit LCD odometer - capable of registering one-million miles with two resettable trip odometers
  • Compatible with most two wire sine wave and three wire hall effect vehicle speed sensors.
  • Simple push button, 2 mile drive calibration. No dip switches!
  • Reprogram at any time to accommodate changes in gear ratio or wheel and tire combination.
  • Gauge kit includes bulb and socket assembly, red and green bulb covers, mounting hardware, and detailed instructions for installation


                                                                            Bulb & Socket

                                                                            • 3212

                                                                            Light Covers

                                                                            • Red 3214 & Green 3215

                                                                            Mounting Hardware

                                                                            • Bracket Included
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