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The ST8100 is a preconfigured Dash Display system, designed specifically to meet the needs of the majority of club racers. However, if you require more configurability and a greater number of channels then we have a solution with either the ST8800 Dash Logger Display Systems or our  MFD - Multi-Function Displays.

*Replaces the following gauges:*
          * tachometer
          * oil-pressure
          * water-temperature
          * fuel-pressure
          * voltmeter
          * oil-temperature

with a single lightweight carbon composite module.

Each system is supplied complete with sensors, ready wired harness and comprehensive user manual. The fully sealed housing and MIL-Spec connectors ensure the highest level of reliability.

*Key Features*
    *  Standard Tachometer dial faces to suit practically all engine types
    * Backlit for clear viewing under all lighting conditions
    * Inverted race dial face for Formula cars option!
    * Compatible with all conventional & MSD ignition systems and engine types
    * Peak Value Tell Tales on all engine parameters provide an invaluable asset for troubleshooting and gear selection
    * Intelligent Alarm System, which continuously monitors engine condition and instantly informs the driver of any problem through both a warning on the display and alarm lights on the dash.
    * Solid-state pressure sensor (ST747, shown left) suppiled as standard with all ST800 Dash Display systems.

*Optional Features*
* *Predictive Lap Timer*
The Predictive Lap Time System provides the driver with a constantly updated, highly accurate prediction of the next lap time!
Further Details

* *Infrared Lap Timing System*
Simply plug in the Infrared Lap Timing System and turn the Stack display into an integrated lap timing system! - yet another instrument that this single module display can replace. The driver can choose to have the lap time pop up only when the car passes the start finish line - or can set the display to continuously show last lap time, best lap time and number of laps completed.

* *Lap Time Memory*
A feature with typical Stack intelligent capability. Unlike conventional lap time memories, which only record lap times, the Stack version records lap times by run and for every lap - shows off the fastest lap! These unique features greatly enhance the benefit of the lap time memory.

* *Corner and Straight Speed Readout*
Provides the driver with real-time feedback. This option automatically measures and displays the last minimum corner speed and the last maximum straight speed. A manual speed hold is also provided.

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