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SLG - BMW E46 & Z4 Wilwood Dual Caliper Bracket Kits

SLG - BMW E46 & Z4 Wilwood Dual Caliper Bracket Kits


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The Original BMW Dual Caliper Solution!

This dual caliper bracket kit is the easiest and least intrusive way to install a true Formula Drift style secondary/dual caliper hydraulic handbrake setup. Mad skids have never been easier! Don’t use an in-line system, they lead to constantly changing brake bias and pedal feel. Use this standalone dual caliper kit for consistent and reliable sideways action! Read below to find out how we offer the strongest kit on the market.

Watch the install video here! (Same as E36)


What You Need:

By adding all of the options on this listing, lines and a handbrake and master cylinder (links below) you have everything you need to install a hydro handbrake into your BMW!


*Handbrake Line Kits sold separately*


Our brackets are designed and machined by professional automotive engineers in the USA to be as strong as possible with no compromises, are manufactured in our own machine shop out of aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum to assure the highest quality, use ARP hardware which is stronger than competitors grade 12.9, and are all shipped directly from our door to yours. No BS, we stand by our product no matter what and offer a lifetime warranty. Feel free to reach out with any questions during your build.


Why Choose SLG Brackets?:

Our brackets are designed to not put the force of the handbrake through the trailing arm bolts alone, like our competitors bracket kits do. We also use an extra, 4th bolt, that goes in through the back of the arm for unsurpassed strength. A bonus feature is that our bracket kits always allow you to keep the factory rotors, and never require you to remove the hub to install the kit.


Our brackets are different for every sub-model, as they all have slightly different trailing arms. By doing this we can individualize each bracket model to "grab" parts of each trailing arm, which are all different. For example; a part of our brackets goes through the hole that the original handbrake cable went, and has an extra 10mm bolt secure it from the back of the arm. This takes a large amount of load during a handbrake pull and reduces the risk of one of the smaller bolts breaking.


On top of that we use the factory e-brake pad posts and other machined surfaces on the trailing arm to further reduce the stress the bolts encounter. By doing all of this extra work and not just making a universal kit we ensure we offer the strongest bracket on the market.


E46 M3, 330, and Z4 models are designed for:

  • 4 Piston Wilwood Dynapro Lug Mount calipers (Wilwood 120-9703)


E46 32X models are designed for:

  • 4 Piston Wilwood GP320 calipers (Wilwood 120-15753)
  • Lets you keep your factory rotor with exception to early 323 sedans with 276mm rotors, which must switch to 323/325/328 294mm rotors and primary caliper brackets (calipers are the same)

All model brackets share the following:

  • Billet aerospace 6061 aluminum construction
  • Gold Anodizing
  • ARP Hardware for connection to trailing arm, and 12.9 hardware found in other locations
  • Allows for use of factory wheel speed/ABS sensors
  • Does not require the removal of axle, hub, or wheel bearing to install, unlike comparable products
  • Requires removal of dust shield and factory e-brake system
  • Install Instructions

    Install notes:

    • Remove caliper and rotor.
    • Remove factory e-brake shoes, mechanisms, and cables. May be necessary to cut cables and punch it out of the trailing arm from the backside.
    • Unbolt the dust shield and cut it, so you are able to bend it around the hub and remove it from the vehicle.
    • Clean the trailing arm to remove rust and uneven surfaces.
    • Bolt up the billet bracket to the trailing arm, using blue Loctite on the ARP hardware.
    • Install the 10mm allen head screw into the bracket from the backside of the trailing arm, through the factory e-brake cable hole.
    • Install brake rotor
    • Reinstall primary caliper in factory location, and install secondary caliper to the bracket.
    • Do mad skids!


  • Terms and Conditions

    Due to the intended use of high performance products, Seems Legit Garage, LLC. ("SLG”) products and each part thereof, are sold "AS IS” and with all faults. To the fullest extent allowed by law, SLG Racing Products makes NO written, oral, expressed, or implied statement of warranty or guarantee on any product or part sold. SLG will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages, including but not limited to, damage, injury, loss of life, loss of property or equipment, loss of profits or revenue, or claims from any individual or entity arising from the use of any SLG product. 

    RACING IS A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY AND PURCHASERS OF SLG PRODUCTS ACKNOWLEDGE THE INHERENT RISKS ASSOCIATED. SLG MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS THAT ITS PRODUCTS CAN REDUCE OR ELIMINATE ANY SUCH RISK. SLG products are NOT FOR STREET, HIGHWAY, OR AIRCRAFT USE and are intended ONLY for race vehicles operated on closed-course facilities or race tracks with appropriate supervision of qualified technicians or mechanics to ensure that the safety needs of the race driver and others are met. SLG products could be combined with other products or parts which may not be suitable and could adversely affect performance of other race parts or the vehicle. The user shall determine the ultimate suitability and safety of the product for its intended use, and the user assumes all responsibility and risk in connection therewith. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Terrible. It was missing the important and most expensive piece to my order.

Matias Kartemo
Awesome kit.

Very nice kit with easy installation. Clearance on the hardware and the bracket itself is very small so cleaning the mounting area before installation should be done properly to avoid crossthreading. Worth noting is also that the Wilwood calipers mounts might not be compatiple with all of the M10 bolts that the kit comes with since 2 of those said bolts are also used to mount the bracket to the hub so I suggest checking which ones are used to mount the caliper.

Cant wait to get the brake lines hooked up and do mad skids. Thank you DriftHQ!

Troy Tripp

Awesome dealing with DriftHq again, ordered and once again product was in my hands on the other side of the world a week later. Super easy to order and deal with.

jeff holmgren
Excellent service

Let me start with I ordered these for my son's birthday, we'll I ordered the wrong parts, when I called to exchange, the service was great, more than willing to help me get the right parts coming, great experience

Very precise machined. Quick delivery

Although i am in work progress with hyd e-brake system installation (support for pump mounting and hoses),
when my shippmend arrived i was really amazed. Good quality looking metal pieces, nice finishes even on ARP hardware.
Really nervous to see how better these little toys will sustain mad skids, temperature variations and metal fatigue.
Fast delivery (est. 8 day to RO).

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