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WiseFab - Subaru Impreza 1992-2014 Front Drop Knuckle Kit (WFGD3)

WiseFab - Subaru Impreza 1992-2014 Front Drop Knuckle Kit (WFGD3)

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Subaru Impreza is good performance car designed for rally. Because of its good performance it’s more and more used for grip racing aswell. Lowering the car will give more grip and better handling, but then the factory designed kinematics won’t work as they are supposed to. Wisefab Subaru Impreza knuckles / uprights bring the roll center, bumpsteer and camber curve back to normal range, provide better roll stiffness, handling and grip.

  • This drop knuckle kit can be fitted to following models: Impreza (GM, GC, GF, 1992–2001) (GD, GG, 2000–2007) (GE, GV, GH, GR 2007–2014) (GJ, GP, 2011–2016) (VA, 2014-2020) Forester (SF, 1997–2002) (SG, 2002–2007)
  • -2 kg lighter over OEM knuckle / upright
    But still maintaining required strength and stiffness
  • Quicker steering ratio
    Steering ratio is slightly quicker compared to OEM
  • Rollcenter correction
    -50mm drop from the knuckle / upright
  • Mounting points for 5x100 or 5x114,3 wheel bearings
    Either 2005 - STI 5x114,3 bolted wheel bearing (28373VA000) or 2007 - 2013 WRX 5x100 bolted wheel bearing (28373FG000) can be used
  • Bumpsteer adjustment
    Bumbsteer is adjusted via washers on the upright
  • OEM wheel speed sensor
    Either 1992 - 2007 or  2008 - 2013 type can be used. Hardware for installing included
  • CrMo spherical
    Rod end used instead of OEM tie rod
  • STI or WRX shocks
    Adaptor to fit either STI or WRX shock included
  • Pre 2003 and 2015 MY steering rack adaptors
    Pre 2003 steering rack M14 inner tie rod applications need part number - WFGD3_620A
    2015 MY steering rack M20 inner tie rod applications need part number - WFGD3_610A
  • Fits with all OEM fixed 4 piston brake calipers, does not fit with OEM one or two piston floating brake caliper.
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