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Xcessive Manufacturing - AE86 BEAMS Motor Mount Brackets - Series 1 (T-AE86-BEAMS-MMB-S1)

Xcessive Manufacturing - AE86 BEAMS Motor Mount Brackets - Series 1 (T-AE86-BEAMS-MMB-S1)

SKU: Xcessive Manufacturing-T-AE86-BEAMS-MMB-S1

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As the originator of the AE86 BEAMS swap kit, our affordable motor mount brackets are designed to drop the Beams motor into position with the least amount of guess work on where it should go for an easy install. To make it all go in without any fabrication, we've also made a simple transmission cross member that lines up the tail end as well with the J160 6 speed transmsssion, when used with our one piece drive line and our shifter relocation, the swap is easy!!

General fitment:

The BEAMS motor has two units on the back of the head that will require the firewall to be clearanced. This positioning of the motor allows the use of the factory sway bar without any extra brackets. Clearancing is easily done with a bit of hammering, no cutting is required on the firewall or trans tunnel. See below for steering rack info.

Manual steering:

No modifications to the oil pan are required for manual (non power) steering racks. You do not need to remove the pan from the motor and cut it up! Most motors come with a 30 day start up warranty, removing the pan and cutting it will probably void any warranty and push your timeline outside the 30 warranty window to get it all done. "Lower profile" motor brackets would require modifications to the oil pan and further expose the front sump oil pan to damage from the bottom.

Power steering :

      These brackets allow the use of the stock power steering rack with only a minor modification to the support flange on the lower rear of the oil pan to clear for the center PS hard line. You do not need to remove the power steering rack or cut off the lower section of the pan/trans brace. The modification is about 1.5" to 2" hole in the support flange for the center hard line on the rack. You do not need to remove the pan for this modification. The addition of our fast ratio AE steering arms to your car will net the steering angle and quickness of the popular manual rack swaps. "Lower profile" motor brackets would require severe modifications to the oil pan and further expose the front sump oil pan to damage from the bottom.

Hood fitment:

When used with our 1.5" front frame spacers, no cutting of the under hood bracing is required and minimal trans tunnel clearance work is required. If you opt for thinner spacers (1"), you can still get the motor to fit under the hood skin and will only need to cut the under hood bracing for fitment in the motor well. There will be a need for more work on the transmission tunnel for fitment if you run a thinner spacer or none at all. **Using no front frame spacers will require hood cutting and a fair bit of fitment inside the trans tunnel.**


The last two pictures show the BEAMS installation with our urethane AE motor mounts (T-Exx-UMM-S11), these are not included with the motor brackets. Our motor brackets will fit with stock rubber mounts, we just don't recommend stock rubber mounts if you plan any "spirited driving".

If you're going to use the stock BEAMS 6 speed (J160) manual transmission, we also have a transmission cross member and urethane transmssion mount that will help things to fit right in, when coupeled with our one piece driveline, the installation can typically be done in one day. If you have your wiring, intake parts and fuel lines, you can fire the motor up in one weekend, add some radiator hoses, cooling fan and you could be driving a BEAMS swap in only a few days!

  These brackets will also fit the TE cross member but the stock TE steering may need fitment work. Our TE test cars have had rack and pinion swaps and did not retain stock TE steering.

Material and Design

Made from 1/4" laser cut steel, formed, gusseted and plated, these mounts are simple, strong and accurate. Our manufacturing design uses only 1 part to build the main bracket structure and then add a gusset. This 1 + 1 design allows us to supply a strong, quality product with less welding making manufacturing accurate and efficient. We've also included new bolting hardware so you don't have to use the old bolts that are probably getting messed up from age and grit anyway.


Kit includes:

  Driver and Passenger motor brackets

  Block bolting hardware

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