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Xcessive Manufacturing

Xcessive Manufacturing - JZX Clutch Pedals

Xcessive Manufacturing - JZX Clutch Pedals

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If you're doing a 5 speed swap on your JZX90 or 100 chassis, you're going to need one of these! 

General Fitment and installation

   The JXZ has a factory mounting location that we've utilized along with a new clutch master from a Toyota Celica ('90 -'93) with a 5/8" bore to work with most factory slave cylinders. Using Toyota's location and fitment allows it to clear the brake booster in the engine bay and sits the pedal nicely in the cab under the dash to clear all the electronics. Not all chassis have the mounting holes, so most auto conversions will require drilling the firewall for the bolts and slave to pass through.

Master Cylinders

   The standard master cylinder is 5/8" Bore. This is most common with external slave cylinders found on many Toyota, Nissan and BMW transmissions. 

  We also offer a 3/4" bore master cylinder that would be common to most concentric slave cylinders common to CD009 HR and T-56, TR-6060 and some concentric conversions.

Pedal Pads

   The pedals come powder coated standard, we do offer an optional rubber pad that fits quite nicely if you want more of an OEM look. 

Construction and hardware

The main bracket is formed 1/8" steel and the hanging pedal arm is 1/4" steel on a 12mm pivot. We've also provided all the bolting hardware for the clutch mount and the master cylinder hook ups along with the master cylinder. You will need to get the correct clutch line for your your transmission, we offer them in braided stainless.


Kits include:

Bolt in clutch pedal base

Correct position Clutch pedal arm

Kit with Master Cylinder is optional

5/8" Bore Master is standard

3/4" Bore Master is optional

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