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Xcessive Manufacturing - S13 to JZ Motor Mount Brackets (N-S-JZ-S13-MMB)

Xcessive Manufacturing - S13 to JZ Motor Mount Brackets (N-S-JZ-S13-MMB)

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An affordable set of quality motor brackets will go along way to making your JZ swap a lot easier. Our formed steel brackets have a lifetime warranty and make a great fitting package. The slotted design makes install simple when used with our transmission cross member and one piece drive line, add a power steering line and some urethane motor mounts and you’ve got a package that can handle a lot of abuse for a long time.

General fitment

  The JZ comes pretty close to fitting directly into the S chassis in the front sump oil pan configuration. The front sump of the JZ is slightly larger then the KA and there fore will interfere with the stock sway bar. Sway bar spacers or a custom sway bar are required or removal or the sway bar. Twin turbo engines may require some hammering of the firewall to get the rear turbo to fit, the motor can be placed a bit farther forwards, but this can cut down on space between the motor and radiator.

Hood Clearance

   The 2JZ is slightly taller then the 1JZ and can typically benefit from a slightly lower motor mount. We make a urethane motor mount that is a lower profile to help with the 2JZ fitment, part number UH-UMM-S15. The 1JZ does not typically have hood clearance issues with stock hoods using standard S Chassis mounts. Lowering the motor does expose the pan more from underneath. We do make a skid plate to protect it though!

Transmission fitment

   If you’re using a W58 or R154, we have a transmission cross member for that swap, (PN. N-S-TMT-TCM). This cross member fits directly with a MK3 Supra generation mount (PN. T-UTM-S1). If you have a later model transmission (’93 and up), you’ll want our hybrid urethane mount to make an easy fit (PN. T-UTM-S4).

   If you’re running a Nissan CD009 (VQ) series transmission, you’ll want our cross member N-S-VQ-TCM-S1. This cross member will require the use of a VG style rubber mount, (PN. N-VG-UTM). The VQ transmission is larger and will require some clearance on the trans tunnel.

   If you’re running a Nissan VG (Z32) series transmission, you’ll want our cross member N-S-VG-TCM-S1. We also offer a VG urethane mount, (PN. N-VG-UTM). The VG  transmission isn't as large as the VQ but may require some clearance on the trans tunnel.

Drive lines

    We make several drive lines (drive shafts) for many transmission swaps. If you don’t see it listed, just send us a message and we can figure it out with you. R154, W58, VG, VQ, even GM dog box, we can also accommodate differential swaps, just let us know what you’ve got and we can price it out.


Parts included:

   Driver and Passenger side motor brackets - S13

   Bolting hardware to attach to engine block

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