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Xcessive Manufacturing

Xcessive Manufacturing - Toyota R154 Shifter Housing - Series 2 (T-SH-R154-S2)

Xcessive Manufacturing - Toyota R154 Shifter Housing - Series 2 (T-SH-R154-S2)

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We make these all new extended shifter housings for the Toyota R154 to be 2-1/2" longer then a standard MK3 Supra housing which nets a 28-3/8" distance from the face of the bellhousing. The all new cast housings has no cutting or welding involved on the housing itself, just a one piece casting with the shifter locator pins cast in place.

   We've also included a new shifter bushing kit with both the main seat bushing and socket bushing. The OEM fitment of the new casting means you can retain your shifter and re-use your stock base gasket as well.

   This package also includes a section of steel to do your own extension to the internal shifter bar to match the new extended housing. You will need to do your own welding, but you don't have to send in your shifter bar for the modification. (We also have the a kit where we weld your shifter bar if you dont' want to.) The steel section is 2-1/2" long for extending MK3 Supra shifters, other shifters may require the bar to be shortened to 1-1/2".

   We've found the 2-1/2" extended length to work good for swaps like 240SX (S13-S14-S15), Cressida's, RX7 FC's  and others. You can measure from the back of the block or front of the bellhousing, this shifter will sit at 28-3/8" Center line.

**This kit requires you to cut and weld the steel inner linkage.**


Kit Includes:

New shifter housing

New shifter base bushing

New Shifter socket bushing

2.5" Steel piece to extend your shifter bar (For MK3 Supra extension)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Albert Arredondo

The only complaint I have is the finish, the casting is rough but as long as it don’t break I’m happy

Fernando Freitas
Buy at your own risk

Housing came with hairline cracks, the pins were off center, holes for the shifter plate screws not tapped, and the shifter bushing seat do no sit tight in the casting. Also casting angle is wrong. That being said, this is the cheapest alternative on the market. I do appreciate the effort though to offer a casted extension housing for the r154 market. If you are creative like me you can still make it work in your favour but it will require additional work. Buy at your own risk.

Alexandria Otness
Excellent Service and Product

Before I purchased the shifter housing for my 240 I have never purchased anything from Drift HQ. But let me tell you they have the best customer service and high quality products! No more than 20 mins after I put my order in I got a phone call from Drift HQ they called me to thank me for my order and also ask if I wanted to weld it on myself or send it in for one of their professionals to cut and weld the plate on. I thought it was very cool that they called me just shortly after I placed the order and offered that to me free of charge. I didn’t send it in because I can weld it myself. The product was great and worked perfectly. I am overjoyed with Drift HQ and forsure will be using them for my parts needs in the future

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