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APEXi - Active Exhaust Control Valve (ECV), Flange-Type, 65mm (Type B) (157-A004)

APEXi - Active Exhaust Control Valve (ECV), Flange-Type, 65mm (Type B) (157-A004)

SKU: APEXi-157-A004

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APEXi Active ECV Exhaust Control Valve (Valve Only)
* Must need Active ECV Exhaust Control Valve Remote for them to work properly 

Please select the valve for your exhaust system
  • Volume control with remote control (wired)
  • Achieves automatic ON / OFF at any vehicle speed or rotation speed
  • * Fully closed at low rpm and fully open above the set rpm. Fully closed setting is not possible at high rpm.
  • One-touch operation for manual ON / OFF with your fingertips
  • High durability design that operates the actuator by the intake manifold pressure
  • Simple control of fully open / fully closed by solenoid valve
  • * Duty control such as half opening is not performed.
● The volume is automatically controlled by electronic control.
The exhaust control valve ECV, which has been very popular, is finally becoming electric.
An actuator method that uses the negative pressure of the intake manifold is used to drive the butterfly valve, which is driven by a solenoid valve.
It has a highly durable and reliable structure with low pressure operation that controls ON / OFF.
The operation is simple with a single button due to the compact remote control (wired).
In addition, it is equipped with an auto mode that automatically turns on and off when the vehicle speed or the number of revolutions is reached.
Achieves both high quietness when fully closed and full opening performance of the muffler as you envisioned hands-free.

● Stylish with a compact remote control.
The active ECV, which is literally wireless, does not require a hole to pull the control cable into the room as before.
Even vehicles that hesitate to make holes can be installed without problems.
Since the operation unit is a remote control (wired), it does not affect the image of the interior.
It is not always necessary to take the engine rotation pulse and the vehicle speed pulse. In that case, the specifications can be made only by turning ON / OFF manually.
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