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AutoMeter - 2-1/16" AIR TEMP, DUAL CHANNEL, 0-300 °F, SPORT-COMP (3358)

AutoMeter - 2-1/16" AIR TEMP, DUAL CHANNEL, 0-300 °F, SPORT-COMP (3358)

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Monitoring the temperature of the air going into your engine is critical to safely extracting the most power from your engine, especially when dealing with forced induction. Cool, dense air will always make more power and contribute to less detonation. AutoMeter’s dual channel air temp gauge allows you to monitor the air temp before and after the intercooler, as well as allowing you to monitor the difference in temps. This lets you see if your intercooler is up to the task and ensuring you're not causing unnecessary harm. Configurable warning set points and peak recall provide crucial feedback that allows you to keep your eyes on the road. AutoMeter’s patented Pro-Control output enables you to set up the ground-controlled output to control intercooler sprayers or other devices.


Feature Points

  • Monitors both upstream and downstream intake air temperature to accurately measure intake tract/intercooler efficiency
  • Displays both pre and post intercooler as well as temperature difference
  • Configurable Pro-Control output allows gauge to control exterior auxiliary devices based on downstream temperature (intercooler sprayer, water/meth, etc
  • User programmable warning functi
  • Peak recall/memory
  • Display in Fahrenheit or Celsiu
  • Includes two 3/8” NPT threaded air temp sensors, 12ft long wire harness, mounting hardware, and detailed installation instructions
  • 12 and 16 volt compatible, works with nearly every street car or race car electrical system


Sending Units

  • 2256

Wire Harness

  • Yes

Mounting Hardware

  • 2230
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