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DeWitts - C6 Corvette Direct Fit®

DeWitts - C6 Corvette Direct Fit®

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  • Complete aluminum radiator assembly with no plastic end tanks or rubber gaskets
  • Two core radiator design with dual 1-inch-wide core tubes for maximum cooling
  • Press formed end tanks fully welded to core with no gaskets or epoxy construction
  • 1.38-inch factory-sized cooling hose inlet and outlet connections to use stock hoses
  • Direct Fit® upgrade means just that, with no modifications needed to your Corvette
  • Radiators are 100 percent manufactured in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty
  • 2-1/4-inch-thick core increases coolant capacity by one gallon without fitment issues
  • Serpentine cooling fins deliver optimum airflow across core tubes for cooling
  • Built-in 7-plate engine and transmission oil coolers on applicable models
  • Optional 11-inch dual electric cooling fan package with 2,780 cfm airflow available
  • Black Ice two-part epoxy coating available on all aluminum radiator models
  • Controlled atmosphere furnace brazed core with TIG welded end tanks
  • Factory-style quick connect fittings on automatic transmission cooler equipped models


Corvettes do many things quite well. From hot lapping the drag strip to stretching its legs on the road course, or even taking in a cross-country road trip, the Corvette has the power, handling, braking, and comfort to handle anything you can throw at it. That is until you notice the temp gauge climbing, that sweet tattle tale whiff of coolant, and steam exiting your hood gaps when the stock cooling system is overwhelmed by aftermarket high performance upgrades.

With the radiator design GM used on the C6 Corvette, like many designs on the road today, product costs and installation methods on the assembly line dictate the product and its compromises. An aluminum radiator core with injection molded plastic end tanks that are crimped to the core, sealed with a giant O-ring, means Chevrolet’s Corvette befalls the same issues as most vehicles using a similar radiator design when asked to do more that it was designed for.

While this design saves weight and allows mounts to be molded into the tank, saving the cost of additional bracketry to secure the radiator, the vibration felt throughout the chassis from powerful engine upgrades and extended hard driving puts a lot of strain on these mounting points, creating cracks, and the harmonics/twisting motion creates leaks at the crimping point of the plastic end tanks. A lack of cooling system service creates failure points too. Solve these issues with a DeWitts Direct-Fit® performance aluminum C6 Corvette radiator upgrade.


We get it, the injection molded end tanks save money and are easy to manufacture while handling the Corvette’s stock cooling needs, but that’s not how we do things with DeWitts radiators. Our Pro Series Direct Fit® C6 Corvette radiator is built using the highest quality aluminum materials, assembled, furnace brazed, and TIG welded all in our Wixom, Michigan facility (just 30 mins up I-96 from GM’s corporate headquarters at the Renaissance Center).

Each radiator carries a limited lifetime warranty, is pressure tested, and carefully double wall boxed with insulation to ensure it makes the trip to you and keeps your project moving forward.

Our press formed end tanks mean you won’t have any fitment issues and your factory cooling hoses, oil cooler lines, fan shroud, and more will all connect right up without modification. Flat plate welded end tanks that our competitors use rarely have this luxury, requiring modifications to your car to fit the larger tanks and/or additional bracketry or adapters to refit your stock components.

Using a two-row core built with 1-inch-wide core tubes and serpentine cooling fins maximizes air flow contact through the core to pull away the most heat, no matter the demand on the system, while increasing coolant capacity by one gallon over the stock single row core. Automatic transmission-equipped models feature a 7-plate internal cooler (twice the capacity of the stock cooler) while our engine oil cooler, also a 7-plate design, can be fitted optionally to radiator applications that weren’t originally fitted for one.

Our Black Ice two-part epoxy coating is a semi-gloss black finish that provides an OE-like look for those that want to keep things low key under the hood.


Our C6 Corvette radiator replacement starts with our 32-1139105M DeWitts radiator for base non-Z51 models with manual transmissions. Depending upon application needs we provide the correct end tank configurations for hassle free connection to factory coolers and mounting points and to our optional dual 11-inch electric fan package if so equipped.


For driver’s side aluminum radiator tank internal engine oil cooler fitted radiators we offer a direct replacement oil cooler hose kit with built in factory-style 7psi bypass and our own custom AN -10 oil cooler hose kit with billet engine adapter that makes installation and hose routing a bit easier. Either one of these oil cooler line kits will allow you to run our 7-plate internal engine oil cooler on applications that were not factory equipped with one. 


Finally, be sure to add some DeWitts High Performance coolant to your order to protect your cooling system and help it achieve maximum thermal capabilities.


DeWitts Radiator Application Guide:

32-1139105M (Pro Series Direct Fit®, natural finish, dual 1-inch core, no cooler)
Base model C6 with manual transmission (non-Z51 models)


32-1139105A (Pro Series Direct Fit®, natural finish, dual 1-inch core, TOC)

All C6 Z06 models (Except 2012 model year with Z07 option)

All C6 with automatic transmission

All dry sump engine models (Grand Sport, Z06)


32-1139105B (Pro Series Direct Fit®, natural finish, dual 1-inch core, EOC, TOC)

2005-2006 with Z51 option

2007-2009 wet sump engines


32-1139105E (Pro Series Direct Fit®, natural finish, dual 1-inch core, EOC)

Includes 7-plate internal engine oil cooler for C6 models that didn’t have an engine oil cooler from the factory


32-1139109Z (Pro Series Direct Fit®, natural finish, dual 1-inch core, ZR1 package)

2009-2013 with ZR1 option

2012 Z06 with special Z07 option


32-1139105Z (Pro Series Direct Fit®, natural finish, dual 1-inch core, oil cooler coolant return fitting)

2013 Corvette Z06, Z51, and Grand Sports with engine-mounted cooler


EOC: Engine Oil Cooler
TOC: Transmission Oil Cooler (used in Z06 models for differential cooler)

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