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DeWitts - SPFRH Fan/Relay Harness

DeWitts - SPFRH Fan/Relay Harness

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  • Complete kit wires one 12-volt brushed fan up to 40 amps
  • Includes automotive grade wiring harness with relay socket and 40-amp relay
  • Fan harness pigtail provides easy connection to fan from relay harness
  • Includes fuses, fuse holder, and all necessary wiring connectors for installation
  • No temperature switch is included with this wiring kit


Installing your new electric cooling fan is a straightforward affair, needing only to securely mount the fan/shroud assembly to your radiator. In most cases mounting brackets or a direct fitting shroud is provided to ensure the fan is installed solidly for many years of service. However, wiring said fan to your vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system is usually met with hesitation, resistance, or even outright fear by many. It doesn’t have to be. Basic electrical system wiring isn’t that difficult, and we make wiring up your new fan(s) even easier with our fan wiring relay harness!

Our fan wiring relay harness is just what you need to wire up any 12-volt brushed cooling fan for your vehicle. Rated up to a 40-amp load, this relay harness kit will easily handle most any fan you would install to cool your vehicle. Included in the kit is a fuse holder, fuses, solderless crimp terminals, and full color instructions to aid you. The instructions offer wiring schematics for single and dual fan installations (you’ll need two fan wiring relay kits, one for each fan), and how to wire a standard automotive relay of your choice to enable fan operation when the air conditioning compressor is engaged. A temperature switch to control the fans is not included in this kit but available separately. If your engine does not have an available port for the temperature switch, we recommend our inline temp sensor hose adapter that provides a 3/8-inch NPT port and ground wire attachment point to be installed in your upper radiator hose.

Kit Contents:

  • (1) Fan relay harness
  • (1) Fuse holder
  • (1) Fan pigtail
  • (1) 30 amp fuse
  • (1) 40 amp fuse
  • (1) Yellow butt connector
  • (1) Yellow ring connector 16-14awg
  • (1) Blue ring connector 12-10awg 
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