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HARD Motorsport - BMW E9X Leichtbau - Wide Front Splitter (E9XSPLITTERWIDE)

HARD Motorsport - BMW E9X Leichtbau - Wide Front Splitter (E9XSPLITTERWIDE)


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HARD Motorsport LEICHTBAU Front Splitter E9X is designed to be fitted with our Leichtbau widebody kit for the E90.

Our Splitter is made of a high-quality, aluminum skinned, composite material. This piece is solid core. An affordable option when a full carbon fiber, multi-layered Splitter is out of your budget. Easily replaceable. You can order replacements directly through HARD Motorsport. Extremely durable and not prone to flexing under high speeds. This piece will not shatter with minor contact like, expensive carbon fiber or fiberglass options. Lightweight matte black top finish applied for appearance. The opposite side is unfinished, so you can flip it over and it can be custom painted or vinyl wrapped!

Track proven and race ready!



74" Width - Sits near flush with front lip installed.

24" Depth - You can adjust how far the splitter will extend when you mount it

.25" Thick



Option: Our Mounting Brackets offer a simple solution to secure the Splitter. It comes with all the necessary hardware!

Forward attachment to be completed by the customer to suit the specific requirements of each car.  There's just too many variables to be able to provide a universal solution.

2" of adjustability allows for different bumpers and lip combinations to maximize aero efficiency.


A lower lip with a flat surface is recommended for maximum efficiency in producing downforce.

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