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PMC Motorsport

PMC Motorsport - Adapter Kit BMW M60 - BMW N57N N57 ZF 8HP70 (A-M60-8HP)

PMC Motorsport - Adapter Kit BMW M60 - BMW N57N N57 ZF 8HP70 (A-M60-8HP)

SKU: PMC - A-M60-8HP

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PMC Motorsport adapter kit (adaptor kit / set / adaption system / swap kit / conversion set) BMW V8 M60 - BMW ZF 8HP70 8HP75 N57 N57N Diesel / ZF 8HP50 8HP75 B58 Petrol

The adapter kit enables users connection of BMW V8 M60 engine series with BMW ZF 8HP 8HP70 8HP75 8HP50 gearbox. 

  • Designed in a CAD environment
  • Only certified materials were used in the production process
  • CNC machining


Engine List

BMW V8 M60 M60B30

  • 1992–1995 BMW E34 530i
  • 1992–1994 BMW E32 730i
  • 1994–1996 BMW E38 730i

BMW V8 M60 M60B40

  • 1993–1995 BMW E34 540i
  • 1992–1994 BMW E32 740i
  • 1994–1996 BMW E38 740i
  • 1992–1996 BMW E31 840i 

The adapter fits the European version of the M60 engine. In the case of the M60 RHD engine, cut the adapter or change the starter to the European version and move it to the other side of the engine.


Gearbox List
  • BMW ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) 8HP N57N N57 B58 B57 B48 B46
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP70 GA8HP70 BMW N57 N57N 8-speed
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP75 GA8HP75X  BMW N57 N57N 8-speed
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP50 Z / 8HP50Z GA8HP50Z BMW BMW B58 B58B30 8-speed
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP75Z GA8HP75Z / 8HP75 BMW B57 B57B30 8-speed
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP51Z GA8HP51Z / 8HP51 BMW B48 B48B20 8-speed
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP51Z GA8HP51Z / 8HP51 BMW B46 B46B20 8-speed


  • Use the flywheel / ring gear from the automatic version 
  • Tighten the flywheel to the same torque as OE.
  • Use torque converter from BMW 


BMW V8 M60 M60B30 M60B40
BMW N57 N57N ZF 8HP 8HP70 8-speed (DIESEL)
BMW N57 N57N ZF 8HP 8HP75 8-speed (DIESEL)
BMW B58 ZF 8HP 8HP50 8-speed (Petrol)
BMW B57 ZF 8HP 8HP75 8-speed (Diesel)
BMW B48 ZF 8HP 8HP51 8-speed (Petrol)
BMW B46 ZF 8HP 8HP51 8-Speed (Petrol)
Set with Clutch:
Starter required:
BMW M60 OE 12 41 1 729 981
BMW M60 OE 12 41 1 736 921
Flexplate / ring gear required:
BMW M60 V8 OE 11 22 1 747 843
BMW M60 V8 OE 11 22 1 715 646
BMW OE 11221435235 M62
BMW OE 11221741143 M62
Adapter Kit Type:
Gearbox adapter thickness:
25mm / 0.98"
Set includes:
Aluminium gearbox adapter
Gearbox adapter bolts
Adapter konwertera
Crankshaft bolts kit
Product sales codes included:
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