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PMC Motorsport

PMC Motorsport - Adapter Kit Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ - BMW ZF 8HP70 8HP75 N57 N57N

PMC Motorsport - Adapter Kit Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ - BMW ZF 8HP70 8HP75 N57 N57N


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PMC Motorsport adapter kit (adaptor kit / set / adaption system / swap kit / conversion set) Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ - BMW ZF 8HP70 8HP75 N57 N57N Diesel / ZF 8HP50 B58 Petrol

The adapter kit enables users connection of Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ engine series with BMW ZF 8HP 8HP70 8HP75 8HP50 gearbox. 

  • Designed in a CAD environment
  • Only certified materials were used in the production process
  • CNC machining


Engine List:
  • Toyota 1JZ (non VVT-i / VVT-i version)
    • Toyota 1JZ-FSE
    • Toyota 1JZ-GE
    • Toyota 1JZ-GTE
  • Toyota 2JZ (non VVT-i / VVT-i version)
    • Toyota 2JZ-FSE
    • Toyota 2JZ-GE
    • Toyota 2JZ-GTE
Gearbox List:
  • BMW ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) 8HP N57N N57 B58 B57 B48 B46
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP70 GA8HP70 BMW N57 N57N 8-speed
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP75 GA8HP75X  BMW N57 N57N 8-speed
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP50 Z / 8HP50Z GA8HP50Z BMW BMW B58 B58B30 8-speed
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP75Z GA8HP75Z / 8HP75 BMW B57 B57B30 8-speed
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP51Z GA8HP51Z / 8HP51 BMW B48 B48B20 8-speed
    • BMW ZF 8HP 8HP51Z GA8HP51Z / 8HP51 BMW B46 B46B20 8-speed



  • Use the flywheel / ring gear from the automatic version and one spacer (OE 32116-22020 4.5mm) between the engine block and the flexplate
  • Use torque converter from BMW


Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ
  • BMW N57 N57N ZF 8HP 8HP70 8-speed (DIESEL)
  • BMW N57 N57N ZF 8HP 8HP75 8-speed (DIESEL)
  • BMW B58 ZF 8HP 8HP50 8-speed (Petrol)
  • BMW B57 ZF 8HP 8HP75 8-speed (Diesel)
  • BMW B48 ZF 8HP 8HP51 8-speed (Petrol)
  • BMW B46 ZF 8HP 8HP51 8-Speed (Petrol)
Set with Clutch:
Starter required:
Toyota JZ (OE) Brak w zestawie
Flexplate / ring gear required:
Toyota OEM 32101-30090 | 32101-22050
Adapter Kit Type:
Gearbox adapter thickness:
20mm / 0.78"
Set includes:
  • Aluminium gearbox adapter
  • Gearbox adapter bolts
  • Adapter konwertera
  • Crankshaft bolts kit
Product sales codes included:
  • F08HP-JZ (2915)
  • AK8HP-JZ (2916)
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