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PMC Motorsport

PMC Motorsport - RACE STAGE 1 Toyota JZ - BMW M50 S50 M52 S52 M54 - 240mm / 9.45" (RS1-JZ-M50-SP)

PMC Motorsport - RACE STAGE 1 Toyota JZ - BMW M50 S50 M52 S52 M54 - 240mm / 9.45" (RS1-JZ-M50-SP)


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PMC Motorsport RACE STAGE 1 adapter kit (adaptor kit / set / adaption system / swap kit / conversion set / manual conversion) Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ - BMW M50 M52 M54 ZF 310 ZF320 S5D-250 S50 S52 Getrag 420G - 240mm / 9.45" - Sintered disc + Sachs Performance Pressure Plate - 800Nm / 589,9 lb/ft

The adapter kit enables users connection of Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ engine series with a very durable and easy-to-buy BMW gearbox. It is an ideal solution for motorsport as well as for people who want to change (convert) automatic gearbox (transmission) to manual.

  • Designed in a CAD environment
  • Only certified materials were used in the production process
  • CNC machining
  • Replaceable cast iron friction surface
  • The flywheel is balanced prior to shipment


Engine List
  • Toyota 1JZ (non VVT-i / VVT-i version)
    • Toyota 1JZ-FSE
    • Toyota 1JZ-GE
    • Toyota 1JZ-GTE
  • Toyota 2JZ (non VVT-i / VVT-i version)
    • Toyota 2JZ-FSE
    • Toyota 2JZ-GE
    • Toyota 2JZ-GTE
Gearbox List
  • BMW GETRAG S5D-250G S5D250 5-speed
    • BMW E36 M50 M52 320i 323i 325i 323ti 325is
    • BMW E34 M50 520i 525i
    • BMW E39 M52 M54 520i 523i 525i
    • BMW E46 M52 M54 M56 320i 323i 325i
    • BMW Z3 2.0 2.5 2.2i 
  • BMW ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) S5D-310 ZF 310 / ZF310 S5-31 5-speed
    • BMW E34 525i USA
  • BMW ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) S5D-320 ZF 320 / ZF320 S5-32 5-speed
    • BMW E36 328i M3 3.2 M3 323i
    • BMW E38 728i
    • BMW E39 528i 530i 523i 525i
    • BMW E46 328i 330i
    • BMW Z3 2.8 3.0 M 3.2 S54
  • BMW S50 E36 M3 GETRAG 420 TBAB 226.0.0161.91 6-speed

The flywheel does not fit the BMW M54 6-speed gearbox



  • Use the flywheel / ring gear from the automatic version and one spacer (OE 32116-22020 4.5mm) between the engine block and the flexplate
  • The bearing and clutch fork remain from your gearbox. If you have a bearing with two height positions - use the 24mm position
  • Use 240mm clutch disc with spline dedicate to your gearbox. 
  • Replace the original custom pivot pin with the one from the kit.



Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ
  • BMW GETRAG S5D-250 M50 M52 M54 5-speed
  • BMW ZF S5D-310 ZF-310 / M50 5-speed
  • BMW ZF S5D-320 ZF-320 / M52 / M54 / E36 M3 5-speed 
  • BMW E36 M3 GETRAG 420 TBAB 6-speed
Set with Clutch:
Flywheel Type:
Single Disc
Clutch Set:
Sachs Performance 88 308 200 1243 / 883082.001243
Clutch disc required:
Release bearing required:
Dedicated to your gearbox
Clutch fork required:
dedicated to your gearbox
Starter required:
Toyota JZ (OE) Brak w zestawie
Flexplate / ring gear required:
Toyota OEM 32101-30090 | 32101-22050
Flywheel weight:
5.00 kg / 11.02 lb
Adapter Kit Type:
Gearbox adapter thickness:
20mm / 0.78"
Replaceable friction surface:
Set includes:
  • Aluminium gearbox adapter
  • Gearbox adapter bolts
  • Custom Flywheel
  • Crankshaft bolts kit
  • Clutch cover - pressure plate bolts kit
  • Sachs Performance 88 308 200 1243 / 883082.001243
  • Spiekowa tarcza sprzęgła 240-23X29-10N
Product sales codes included:
  • F0BMW-JZ (3645)
  • K0M50-240-JZ (963)
  • SACHS 243 (1694)
  • 240-23X29-10N
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Christopher Randall
Nice clutch - no stickers?

Man, you know the most exciting part about buying car parts are the stickers. Wish I would have gotten a Drift HQ slap to put on the is300. I only put stickers of parts that are actually on the car or supported business. I still need my driveshaft made or ordered from DriftHQ , just ordered a CoolerWorX shifter but wanted the Pro ONE, so im shipping it back to get the one that fits my driving style. Kit is installed and ZF is already in the car. Just need the final 2 pieces. Event scheduled October 7,8th The customer service was great on the phone for the return, and the products got shipped quickly though. Good job.

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