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Xcessive Manufacturing

Xcessive Manufacturing - IS300 Seat brackets (T-JCE10-SB)

Xcessive Manufacturing - IS300 Seat brackets (T-JCE10-SB)

SKU: Xcessive Manufacturing-T-JCE10-SB

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Need a good seat mount bracket? We've got just what you need!

General fitment

   We've made these brackets to sit as low as possible to help mounting up those seats. If you plan on driving where you need a helmet, you'll want a good low bracket to help with clearance inside the roof. The brackets will bolt to the factory mounting points for easy bolting.

   The seat brackets also have a center hole on the front cross bar for mounting the sub marine belt on 5 point harnesses.


   If you're seat mounting points don't match up with our standard mounting slots, we offer adjustable mounting tabs to get that extra fitment.

  We also offer seat belt mount brackets if you're installation doesn't allow the use of factory seat belt mounting points. Typically the IS300 requires the additional bracket to mount the seat belt on the trans tunnel side of the bracket.


  The seat brackets are made from 3/16" (4.7mm) thick steel for strength where it matters, holding your seat in place might not be a good time go lightweight. The brackets are strong and rigid on their own. They're designed to add strength to the seat and tie it solidly to the chassis, not use the steat to add ridgity to the bracket and then have some lightweight mounting tabs to the chassis.

   After forming, the brackets are welded and then powder coated for protection.

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